The Let's Talk About It scholars are central to the program. An invited scholar leads the discussion at each program session on one of the selected books. The scholar's presentation both provides a critical perspective on the reading and also inspires the participants to relate their experiences and insights to the book and share their responses with the discussion group. Scholars for this program meet the following criteria:

Have an advanced degree in the humanities;
Are professionally engaged in or retired from teaching, writing, researching, or studying in the humanities;
Are enthusiastic about the LTAI project;
Are willing to devote the time necessary to develop an excellent presentation.

For a brief scholar profile, click on the scholar name below:

David Barber
Steve Barrett
Jennifer Black
Mary Clearman Blew
Jan Carpenter
Nancy Casey
Maggie Chase
Paula Coomer
Michael Corrigan
Dustin Crawford

Jenny Emery Davidson
Megan Dixon  
Carlen Donovan
Clark Draney
Julie Fanselow
Evelyn Funda
Wendy Green
Chuck Guilford
Steven Hall

Heike Henderson
Dan Hunt
Alan Johnson
William (Bill) Johnson
Margaret Johnson
Tom Klein
Scott Knickerbocker
Jennifer Ladino
Leslie Leek 
Helen Lojek
Lesa Luders
Kim Madsen
Shelley McEuen
Ron McFarland
Barbara Meldrum
Dave Nicholas
Sue Norton

Tara Penry
Susan Pesti-Strobel
Margaret Pettis
Glenn Selander
Carrie Seymour
Susan Swetnam
Russ Tremayne
Kate Udall

Louise Weitman
Gary Williams
Laura Zuckerman

Scholar Forms:

Feedback Form
Reimbursement Instructions
W-9 Form
Invoice Form