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Idaho School Libraries\Media Centers Annual Survey – 2010-2011

This is the third and most recent collection of Idaho public school library data.  There may not be another data set collected by the Idaho Commission for Libraries for some time--the reason being inadequate response rates in all three years.  Insufficient response rates make it impossible to use the data effectively for local and statewide planning, therefore we cannot justify the time and expense at this time.  That being said, we still were able to find uses for some of the data collected, specifically in the determination of reliability and validity of key data elements, e.g., financial support, program expenditures, use of the library, composition of the collection and so forth.

Note on the graphs:
Twenty-four (24) public school libraries reported consistently for all three years of the project. The simple graphs included below reflect means and medians for these 24 libraries. Of course these numbers cannot be generalized for the "Universe," i.e., all of Idaho's public school libraries. We are only able to observe possible trends for the 24 libraries that fully participated. Of course we are grateful to everyone that participated in any of the three years of the pilot project, but we are especially grateful to the stalwart 24 that participated fully all three years.  Without their full support, we probably would be unable to say anything at all about the conditions or trends in Idaho’s public school libraries.

Comments, complaints, and criticisms are welcomed directly to:

Patrick Bodily, State Data Cooridnator
Library Consultant
Idaho Commission for Libraries
Eastern Field Office
1820 E. 17th St Ste 130 Idaho Falls, ID 83404-6403
208-525-7211 or 1-800-548-6212









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