School Library Resources

Order in the Library:

Need a tool to help teach your student library assistants or volunteers about shelving books according to Dewey?  The games at Order in the Library will do the trick for free!

Wayback Machine:

Sherman, set the Wayback Machine for...whenever you like!  This is a tool for finding webpages that used to be available, but aren't anymore.  The Wayback Machine is a vast archive of old webpages, broadcasts, and much more. 

American Libraries Shopping Guide:

Beautifully organized by type of item.  It is easy to find vendors for whatever you need for your library. 

New York Times Children's Best Seller List:

There are best seller lists for Young Adult, Middle Grades,  Picture Books, and Series.   

Campaign for Grade Level Reading:

Information about the importance of students reading at grade level by the end of third grade.