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General Program Questions

How is ShareIdaho different from what we did in prior years for OCLC access?

ShareIdaho is very similar to the previous LiLI Unlimited program for statewide resource sharing. While still a part of the Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI) program, the name change makes the distinction between the resource sharing program (ShareIdaho) and the other LiLI services, like the LiLI Databases. Other important differences include:

  • Option to subscribe to only cataloging or only interlibrary loan depending on local needs,
  • Addition of the ShareIdaho Management Center (expected August 2017) for libraries with fewer interlibrary loan requests, and
  • Additional pricing levels for public libraries with 10 or more FTE employees for more equitable distribution of the costs.

OCLC Services

Which OCLC tools or services do I get with my enrollment?

Libraries may subscribe to either cataloging services, interlibrary loan tools, or both. The description of the tools and the list of which are available  in each service package can be found on the ShareIdaho Participation Options page.


Can my library enroll now?

The initial enrollment for the FY2018 program year (July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018) is going on now. The initial enrollment is limited to libraries currently participating in the LiLI Unlimited statewide resource sharing program. Each library was sent a customized letter and enrollment form with a recommended service package based on their reported usage of OCLC services during the most recent year.

Do I have to enroll in the services suggested?

No. The suggested service packages provided to libraries are a suggestion based on reported usage from the most current year. Libraries must identify their desired services on the enrollment form. ICfL staff are available to help libraries determine the most cost-effective solution for your library.

When will more libraries be added?

During Spring 2018, the Commission for Libraries will announce the open enrollment for new participants in ShareIdaho. New participating libraries using the cataloging or interlibrary loan services can begin using their tools with the FY2019 program year beginning July 1, 2018.  Information about how to use the ShareIdaho Management Center will be available when it launches in August 2017.

How do I withdraw from the program?

Withdrawals must be indicated in writing to ICfL at least 30 days prior to the start of the program year.  Libraries withdrawing after the start of a program year will still be responsible for the library's annual fees.

If the library withdraws from the program, do they need to pay the invoice?

Yes. If a library withdraws after the program year begins, the annual fees are still owed to OCLC. The fees paid by ICfL and the other participating libraries are based on the participation committments of all the libraries.  Libraries are responsible to pay the fees for services for which they have enrolled.  Refunds will not be permitted.


How were my annual fees determined?

ICfL pays 40% of the total statewide OCLC costs, plus any remaining costs after the participating libraries' contributions. Participating library fees vary by type and size of library. Academic libraries share 30% of the total statewide OCLC costs; shared proportionately by activity levels from previous years. Special libraries pay between $1,500 - $3,000 annually based on the number of FTE employees of the library. School libraries pay an annual fee between $300 - $2,100 based on the number of FTE students as reported with the Fall Enrollment reports. Public library fees are between $300 - $15,000 and determined by the number of FTE employees as reported in the annual public library statistics.

When will I get an invoice?

Invoices for the annual enrollment fees are billed by OCLC on the July invoice each year. The July invoice typically arrives at the library during the first two weeks of August. Amounts due on the invoices should be paid to OCLC by the due date. OCLC will assess late fees for unpaid balances.

When will we know the costs for next year?

The fee schedule effective for FY2018 is expected to remain in place through FY2020. Changes and renewal notications will be sent to participating libraries in the Spring preceding a new program year.

ShareIdaho Management Center

Who can use the ShareIdaho Management Center?

Any library with low borrowing activity can use the Management Center. Generally, a library borrowing fewer than 40 items per year will find using the Management Center more economical.

Can my library use the ShareIdaho Management Center if we borrow more than 40 items?

Yes. A library may use the Management Center if it borrows more than 40 items per year. ICfL recommends considering the cost of postage for returning borrowed items along with the cost-per-request fee and staff time costs/savings when considering whether to use the Management Center or facilitate their own interlibrary loan activities. ICfL staff will be happy to assist with determining the most economical solution for your library.

What are the fees for using the ShareIdaho Management Center?

A fee of $4 will be charged to the library for each request filled via the ShareIdaho Management Center. The fee will be billed by OCLC through the ILL Fee Management (IFM) system. The library is responsible for the postage for returning an item to the lending library.

How do I pay my $4 per request?

The $4 is billed through OCLC's ILL Fee Management (IFM) system. Each library using the ShareIdaho Management Center will be required to use IFM for this purpose. IFM fees are billed to your library via your monthly OCLC invoice.

Can I receive my OCLC invoice Quarterly?

ICfL is currently inquiring about this possibility as of 5/18/2017.

Can I pass on the fee to library patrons?

ICfL considers Interlibrary Loan service to be a core library service just as borrowing books from the library, using public access computers, and attending early literacy programming are core services for which libraries do not charge fees.

If I use the Management Center, can my library loan materials to other libraries?

No. The Management Center is just for borrowing. Libraries that loan materials to others will want to subscribe to the WorldShare Interlibrary Loan package.


Where can I find training on the OCLC tools?

Tutorials, live webinars, and printable support tools can be found on the ShareIdaho Support and Training site.