Staff Contacts by Topic Area

Management Team

State Librarian, Ann Joslin
Deputy State Librarian, Stephanie Bailey-White
Programs Supervisor, Shirley Biladeau 
Administrative Services Manager, Roger Dubois

Administrative Operations

Accounting: Katy Place
Computer Systems Administration and IT Support:  David Harrell
Human Resources: Peter Nelson
Grants Officer: Kristina Taylor
ICFL Website: Edgar CorreaBen Bibikov
Public Information Specialist: Donna Eggers
Purchasing: Sandy Hetzel
Records Management and Public Records Requests: Gina Persichini 
Support Services Supervisor: Dian Scott
Volunteer Opportunities: Sheila Winther

Idaho Digital Repository and State Documents

Stacks – Idaho’s Digital Repository: Danna Angevine
State Documents Depository: Karen Parsons, Danna Angevine, Tina Shilling

Talking Books Service

Equipment Administrator: Judy Mooney
KLAS Administrator: Nancy ReeseSteven Bailey
Outreach: Sue Walker
Recording Studio: Sheila Winther

Library Development

Area Field Consultants

For general questions, grant project ideas, questions about library law, open meetings law, board issues, role of the director vs role of the board, strategic planning, best practices, or when unsure of whom to call, contact the Area Field Consultant in your region for assistance.

Libraries Linking Idaho (LiLI)

LiLI Databases: Gina Persichini
LiLI Unlimited (Resource Sharing, ILL, Cataloging, OCLC): Gina Persichini
LiLI Express Reciprocal Borrowing: Gina Persichini
LiLI Steering Committee: Gina Persichini

Read to Me (Jumpstart Kindergarten Registration, First Book, Summer Reading, Every Child Ready to Read, Child Care Reads, Family Reading Week, and Early Literacy Resources/Support Materials) Staci Shaw, and Tammy Hawley-House
21st Century Students
, School Library Advocacy: Jeannie Standal
Automation and Library Catalogs: Gina Persichini
Budgeting for Libraries: Refer to the Regional Field Consultant
Career Information Service: Shirley Biladeau 
Continuing Education and Training: Shirley Biladeau
eBranch in a Box (websites hosted on Edgar Correa,  Ben Bibikov
E-rate: Dylan Baker
Grants and funding opportunities: Kristina Taylor
Law Task Force and Legislative issues: Jan Wall
Let’s Talk About It: Dian Scott
Library Leadership Advisory Committee (LiLAC): Shirley Biladeau
Library Operations: Refer to the Regional Field Consultant
LSTA – Library Services and Technology Act Grant Program: Kristina Taylor
Make It at your library / STEM programming: Tammy Hawley-House and Sue Walker
Mid-Life Adults: Tammy Hawley-House and Sue Walker
Policy Development for Libraries: Refer to the Regional Field Consultant
Public Information (newsletters): Donna Eggers
Promotional Supply Orders: Tina Schilling 
SPLAT – Special Project Library Action Team: Dylan Baker, Shirley Biladeau
Statistics: Patrick BodilyTeens and Technology: Sue Walker and Tammy Hawley-House
Trustees: Refer to the Regional Field Consultant
Tweens & Teens: Tammy Hawley-House
WebJunction Idaho: Shirley Biladeau