Success Stories & Lessons Learned

From Meridian District Library
Nick and I (Megan) are on day three of our initial fishertechnik program. Although there have been some challenges, overall there have also been a lot of success. Nick is doing the brunt of the programming, but that means I get to observe a lot. Some observations:

  • Teens learn faster than I thought they would (ie. faster than me)
  • They naturally work together well
  • They are competitive and like any challenge, so we had them build the cart launchers then compete who could go the furthest
  • For us, it seems things will work best if we store all parts in some sort of plastic filing system and they pick out the parts they need for specific builds each time before they build then return them when they are finished.

Nick has also done some really great stealth programming. He is incorporating the brick lab and the sesquicentennial (had to google that spelling). So each day they have a challenge that incorporates different parts of the Capitol Building or other parts of Idaho History.

For example, on day one they had to recreate the Idaho Capitol dome, then fill out the white board with their info, snap a photo (with the camera that is zip tied down) and they were entered to win a prize. The challenge changes every day. We hope to do something cool with all the photos digitally when we are done. Maybe make a large picture of something made up of all the individual entry pictures.