Summer Reading Resources

CSLP suggested timeline for summer reading planning

ICFL events and deadlines are marked as

October - December

Summer Library Program Manuals arrive. As you read through the manual, jot down ideas for stories, games, crafts, or programs that come to mind. Meet with library director and summer programs staff to determine outcomes, set output goals, and develop evaluation tools. You have lots of time!

  • December 1: First CSLP Catalog order deadline. Receive orders by March 1st
    (Catalogs were included with your CSLP manual. If you need additional catalogs, please contact

January - February

If your budget allows, this is the time to contact potential performers.

Planning to participate in School Partnerships? Now is the time to contact your school principals and school librarians!

February and March

Call schools to schedule visits in April and May.

  • March 20: Last day to apply for Bright Futures Outreach Opportunities


  • Details of summer programs should be finalized in order to prepare flyers and other promotional literature. Contact local businesses and organizations for sponsorship support.


Visit schools; mail Summer Library Program promotional literature.


Good luck with your summer programs. Have fun, and remember to evaluate your programs (see Evaluation, left)


Give yourself a pat on the back! Send thank-you notes to Summer Library Program sponsors and thank all library staff and volunteers who helped out this summer. Compile data into a brief for trustees and other stakeholders. Send press releases to local media regarding Summer Library Program participation.

Your Collaborative Summer Library Programs (CSLP) Summer Reading Manual is packed full of great summer programs material! Here are a few resources in your manual that will help you start planning for summer reading now:

    Chapter 1:
  • Letter to local businesses
  • Call for volunteers
  • Program planning form
  • Planning calendars

CSLP has additional resources available for members to download at You will need to login to/set up your free user account in order to access these materials. More info...

Request additional Upstart catalogs for public libraries or schools/community partners.

Request additional Upstart catalogs


Summer Reading Planning: Tips for Librarians. This is a great planning tool created by Enid Costley for the Library of Virginia using funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

This new early literacy activity game board can be used for summer reading or all year. The design is generic so that you can determine how best to use it - you decide the prize levels and prizes, etc. Two versions are available: Use 'as is' for activities that promote the Six Early Literacy skills, or customize the board with your own activities.  This tool is designed to fold in half, presenting your library's information and instructions for parents on the front, the activities on the inside, and early literacy information on the back.

Some ideas for use:

  • Split up the activities into groups of 5, have parents bring gameboard in after each five to get a prize or enter a drawing.
  • Ask parents to complete a certain number of activities, then bring in to library for prize or enter a drawing.
  • Daycare staff can complete activities with their classes, then receive prizes or books from the library (on-site or outreach).

Download Gameboard

PDF File

MS Publisher 2007

MS Publisher 98

NOTE: MS Publisher files allow you to modify the gameboard to a greater extent. If you have MS Publisher, you may be encouraged to download the Publisher file and have the ability to tailor the game to your needs. The PDF version only allows you to modify the library name and instructions for the gameboard.

Web Banners from the CSLP are available on the CSLP website Members must login (see above), then click on the "Downloads" tab. All downloadable material is listed on the left. See "web banners."

Evaluation: Why and How-To

Sample SRP End-of-Program Survey (customizable)

SRP Data Tracking Sheet (customizable): This can be used to track the data requested on the annual summer reading report, which is due September 15.

Template to compile an End-of-Program Brief (Oregon State Library, with permissions)

Coming Soon


Disclaimer: Though we are happy to pass along resources that may help you plan and implement your summer reading program, the ICfL does not endorse any “for profit” resource

How to put CSLP artwork on a cake: Tutorial

Disclaimer: Though we are happy to pass along resources that may help you plan and implement your summer reading program, the ICfL does not endorse any “for profit” resource