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Idaho Talking Book Service Catalog (KLAS)

This Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) allows users to order books from the Idaho Talking Book Service directly from their computers and download digital titles from BARD or the Shelf Project. Anyone may search the catalog, but only those eligible to use the Idaho Talking Book Service can order from it. Additional information and search tips.

BARD Database

A list of digital titles currently available for download. Users must be registered to use the Talking Book Service and must register to use BARD.

How do I sign up to download from BARD?

If you haven't done so, first submit an Application. Once approved, you can Register to use BARD.
Here are additional Registration and Download Instructions.



If you have questions about searching these catalogs, ordering online, or downloading, we can help:
Phone: 1-800-458-3271