Teens and Technology Course Archives

2012 Teens and Technology Course - Using READ®Design Studio Content

Teens and Technology 2012 was designed to provide library staff with the tools and knowledge they needed to create exciting projects and marketing materials using ALA's READ® content. We achieved this through regional hands-on workshops, online learning and networking, and a face to face meeting at ICfL. Teens from across Idaho created some incredible projects. Check out some of them HERE.

Do you want to learn how to use a free photo editing software with RDS? Then check out these detailed tutorials for using GIMP to create READ posters, tatoos, window clings, bookmarks and more.

2012 Teens and Technology and Teen Tech Week Summary Report can be found here.

2011 Teens and Technology Course - Booktrailers!

Booktrailers are everywhere! Publishers use them to get teens to read their books. Libraries use them to engage teens and introduce them to new literature. Check out the book trailers created by teens across Idaho as part of the 2011 Teens and Technology coursework HERE.

2011 Teens and Technology Summary Report can be found here.