Trustee Appointments, Elections, Vacancies

Upon the election or appointment of new board members, notify your ICfL Area Field Consultant so that the new trustees can begin receiving the ICfL newsletters and mailings.  ICfL needs to know the new trustee's name, who last held that board seat, the address at which the new trustee would like to receive the Envoy, and the expiration year of the new trustee's term.

For the government of city libraries,
33-2604. Board of trustees -- Appointment -- Term of office -- Compensation. For the government of such library there shall be a board of five (5) library trustees appointed by the mayor and council pursuant to section 50-210, Idaho Code, from among city residents. If the city government is organized pursuant to sections 50-801 through 50-813, Idaho Code, the city manager and the council shall appoint the board of trustees.

The five members of a library district board are elected by a vote of the people.

33-2715. Board of trustees -- Selection -- Number -- Qualifications -- Term -- Oath -- Appointment of first board. (1) Each library district shall be governed by a board of trustees of five (5) members elected or appointed as provided by law, who at the time of their selection and during their terms of office shall be qualified electors of the district and if trustee zones have been established under section 33-2718, Idaho Code, shall be a resident of the trustee zone. Trustees shall be elected at each trustee election, held on the uniform election date in May. The regular term of a trustee shall be for six (6) years, or until his successor has been elected and qualified. Within ten (10) days after his appointment an appointed trustee shall qualify and assume the duties of his office. An elected trustee shall qualify and assume the duties of his office at the annual meeting. All trustees qualify by taking the oath of office required of state officers, to be administered by one (1) of the present trustees or by a trustee retiring.

2010 was the last trustee election to be conducted by the library district. In 2011, the county began conducting trustee elections. 

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