Trustee Connections

Trustee Connections

The Idaho Commission for Libraries will be hosting four regional workshops for public library trustees and directors called "Trustee Connections."

Registration is available until July 1 at

To prepare for the event, please read the following documents:

The purpose of these regional meetings is to bring together trustees and directors for conversation and leadership development.

Planned Outcomes

Participants will learn about

  • Respective roles, responsibilities and relationships of trustees and directors.
  • Community building strategies.
  • Planning tools and processes.


8:45 AM - Registration
9:00 AM - Welcome
9:30 AM -   Working Together:  Roles, Responsibilities and Relationships
10:30 AM - Break
10:45 AM - Community Engagement and Connecting with Partners
11:30 AM - Library Governance/Law; Open Meeting Law
12:00 PM - Networking Lunch - Engaging the Community (Library Success Stories)
12:45 PM - Strategic Priorities (Economic & Workforce Development, Community Engagement, College & Career Ready)
1:45 PM - Library of the Future
2:30 PM - Break
2:45 PM - Bringing It All Together With Planning
3:15 PM - Call To Action, Wrap Up and Evaluation

Dates and Sites

  • August 7 ~ Coeur d'Alene Public Library
  • August 9 ~ Middleton Public Library
  • August 10 ~ Twin Falls Public Library
  • August 11 ~ Madison Library District, Rexburg

The event will start at 9 am and run through 3:30 pm. Lunch will be provided.