Book a guided “Capitol of Light” Virtual Tour for your library!

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In an effort to provide all students and residents of Idaho with the ability to attend a Capitol Tour, the Idaho Legislative Services Office (LSO) and Idaho Public Television TV (IdahoPTV) have produced a Virtual Capitol Tour based on the current Idaho Capitol tour program that the LSO has been operating for many years. The tour is given using video teleconferencing equipment purchased with onetime funds provided by the Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) through a Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) grant. 

The tour is designed for a legislator or tour guide to be located in the Capitol building while talking to virtual tour participants about the Capitol. Several video vignettes are used to lead the participants on a tour through the building as if they were here.

See a 4-minute overview of the tour at You will also be able to see a demo of the tour at the Idaho Library Association Annual Conference, October 3-4 in Nampa.

LSO will schedule your tour and send you a laptop for the video teleconference connection and IdahoPTV will coordinate a test call and connection for the day of the event. LSO staff will act as a tour guide or be a joint tour guide if a legislator is present. The tour is a minimum of 1 hour but can go longer. 

Process for Libraries to Connect with Capitol Virtual Tour ( or download a printable version of the process)
1) Contact LSO to schedule a tour
       a. 208.334.4850 or
2) Give LSO your schedule details
       a. Main point of contact for tour/connection
       b. Date, time (Minimum of 2 weeks and maximum of 6 months)
       c. Length of tour (1 hour) with a small amount of flexibility
       d. Age range and number of people in group
       e. Your public Internet connectivity (+1.5 MB)
       f. Library’s Legislative District
3) Receive Laptop Kit (system set up is good for 5-10 participants)
       a. Kit includes laptop (kit to arrive 48 hours prior)
            i. Shippable case 
          ii. Laptop
         iii. Quick Start list
          iv. Jabber teleconferencing software
           v. PowerPoint presentation
          vi. Tour video segments
         vii. Built-in speakers
        viii. Webcam/microphone
4) Laptop set up and connection 
       a. Follow basic set up guide
       b. IdahoPTV will schedule a test connection call 24 hours prior to tour
       c. Connection will be made 30 minutes prior to tour
5) Tour
       a. Laptop will be set to turn on with all software, web pages available on desktop
           i. Local page will have link to PowerPoint and each individual video
          ii. Jabber teleconferencing software will automatically start
6) Laptop Return
       a. Libraries should return equipment within one week of tour
       b. Return shipping information will be included

1) Libraries must be responsible for larger group audio/visual needs
2) Discuss shipping costs
3) Two laptops will be in rotation

The Legislative Services Office and Idaho Public Television look forward to providing a virtual tour for your patrons or your students. It is constantly changing and they value your opinion. Please contact them with your questions or suggestions.

Additional information and resources:
• If you would like more details about the “Capitol of Light” Virtual Tour, please feel free to contact LSO at or call Michelle O’Brien at 208.334.4580.
• LSO also built a website to facilitate scheduling a physical or virtual tour:
• In addition to the Capitol Virtual Tour the ICfL funded a self-guided online version of the tour: In the online tour you will be able to access the videos used during the Virtual Tour.
• Idaho Public Television produced a documentary and content rich website about the Capitol:
• There is also an online version for fourth graders called Kid’s Website available at
• The Capitol Commission website also has an archive of the history, restoration and construction of the building


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