WorldShare ILL Migration Process

The OCLC interlibrary loan interface is changing. You can now move your resource sharing activities to OCLC WorldShare ILL. Idaho libraries should begin the transition to the new interface.

Last day to start transactions in old system

April 14, 2014
Once you have registered for an account with the new interface, you can use it immediately. Transactions will be updated in both systems to ease workflow between the two.

Getting Started with WorldShare ILL

  1. Watch the OCLC WorldShare ILL Migration Overview 3-minute video
  2. Update your OCLC Policies Directory information
    • Login using your current interlibrary loan login
    • If needed, refer to the step-by-step guide in the LiLI-U Users Manual
    • Check that contacts and policies for loans, copies, and deflection are up to date
  3. Register:  Go to the Idaho Registration Form, complete the short form and submit it.
  4. Create Account: An email will be sent to the address you provide in the form. The email will direct you to a webpage where you will create a new login to your WorldShare ILL account. This new login will replace the 9-digit authorization you currently use. 
    • Refer to the Creating Your OCLC WorldShare Account 5-minute video if needed
    • If
      you need assistance, contact OCLC Support at 800-848-5800, staff can
      help you set up your new OCLC services account.
  5. Test Login: Once set up, test that you can log in to the WorldShare ILL system.
  6. Update Constant Data:  Constant Data, such as your library address and contacts, will need to be updated in the new system in order to print properly when creating mailing labels.  Refer to the 5-minute video, Creating and Editing Constant Data
  7. Use WorldShare ILL: There is no reason to delay using the new interface. As soon as you are comfortable doing so, start using it.
    • View the Searching, Borrowing, and Lending video tutorials or sign up for a free instructor-led webinar at the WorldShare ILL Training site. 

WorldShare ILL Tips

View WorldShare Tips on the OCLC website

WorldShare ILL Training

Free training by OCLC includes:

  • Online tutorials
  • Instructor led webinars
  • Pre-recorded webinars