In February, we discussed the Shared Foundations (Inquire, Include, Collaborate, Curate, Explore, and Engage)AASL Infographic and their Accompanying Key Commitments.  This month, we’ll cover the next level of detail in the standards,Domains and their accompanying Competencies.  The print version of the standards combines elements of all three frameworks in a variety of ways, so that all users can find a format that works for them. The materials on the website address the Standards for Learners only, and those are a fine place to start. This is where things get into the nitty-gritty details of planning and implementing these standards, with far too much information to cover adequately in a blog post.  Therefore, the best thing to do is dive in (with some supporting resources, of course)!

There are lots of free resources to help navigate the details of the competencies:

eCOLLAB Webinars: At are links to upcoming online events and archived events that were put together by the folks who developed the standards. Each one is about an hour long.

The Wyoming State Library as developed some webinars called In Depth with the New AASL Standards and they are delivered in several parts starting with a Standards Overview.  Check them out at:

2017 AASL Standards Overview:

In Depth with the New AASL Standards, Part 1:

In Depth with the New AASL Standards, Part 2:

Watch for more webinars on the Wyoming State Library YouTube channel!

And School Library Journal put out a very helpful article right after the AASL Conference in Phoenix: AASL National Standards: A few essentials to get started!

Find it helpful to have an assignment or a reason to take the plunge? Here is a March Challenge: go to and look over the Standards for Learners that are available there. Pick one of the Competencies that is already happening in your library (it’s likely there are many).  Evaluate the results you observe from that practice.  See how it works with the corresponding Idaho Core Standard. Extra credit: how does that practice help you support the mission of your school and your district?

Got questions?  Need help finding resources to help you implement the Standards?  Contact Jeannie and get connected with what you need.