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The U.S. is working to vaccinate a high percentage of its population against COVID-19 as soon as possible to stop the spread of the disease and end the outbreak in the country. The mission becomes even more urgent as coronavirus variants emerge around the world, raising concerns that the virus could evade our efforts to control it, if the spread is not curbed quickly. 



  • Project Launch Idahoans whose employment has been impacted by the COVID health crisis and are interested in switching careers, are eligible to have up to 100% of the cost of training covered by CARES funds through this program. If you have any patrons or community members who would benefit from free skills training, we have received some good news. The opportunity offered through Project Launch has been extended through late April, or until funds run out (whichever comes first). You can find a full promotional toolkit at https://idaholaunch.com/toolkit/
  • BikeAround Create joyous and meaningful memories with the BikeAround, the experience bike for body and mind which can take you around the world. BikeAround consists of handlebars, a pedaling unit and a software that, with the assistance of Google Street View, makes it possible for you to experience places all around the world.  
  • AARP Foundation Tax-Aide provides in-person and remote tax assistance free of charge to anyone, with a special focus on taxpayers who are 50 or older or who have low to moderate income.  
  • The James Castle House is deeply rooted in place. James who? The history of the property and its inhabitants are visible at every turn. Join one of their free online events to learn more.  
  • A virtual memory lane. Rendever is overcoming social isolation through the power of virtual reality and shared experiences. Participants are transported to the places they cherish and share their life stories.  


Book Discussion Group Topics 

  • Favorite Book 
  • Least Favorite book 
  • Book to Movie: How Do They Compare? 
  • Sharing a Favorite Series, Character, Author, and/or Genre 
  • Reader advisory – NoveList Plus and NoveList K-12 Plus at LiLI.org 
  • What else do readers of your favorite author read? Literature Map can help! Type in the name of a favorite author to see recommendations. The closer two writers appear on the resulting map, the more likely someone will like both of them. Click on any name to travel along to more suggestions. https://www.literature-map.com/  



Everything old is new again and simplicity in cooking is having its day. Cooking healthier food with fewer ingredients, scaled down portions, and minimal fuss is what America wants. Following this trend, toaster ovens have made a comeback with features that make them multifunctional, including the ability to broil, air fry, and even dehydrate foods. The multicooker continues to make cooking easier by offering the ability to sauté, simmer, pressure cook, bake, steam, and more—all with one appliance—to create perfectly timed meals with the touch of a few buttons. 

To make cooking and enjoying food even more appealing, the folks at America’s Test Kitchen have been developing cookbooks to help home cooks save time and effort, expand their repertoire, and produce healthier meals that are bursting with flavor. 

  • Toaster Oven Perfection: A Smarter Way to Cook on a Smaller Scale (2021) 
  • Mediterranean Instant Pot: Easy, Inspired Meals for Eating Well (2020) 
  • The Complete One Pot: 400 Meals for Your Skillet, Sheet Pan, Instant Pot, Dutch Oven, and More (2020) 
  • Cooking for One: Scaled Recipes, No-Waste Solutions, and Time-Saving Tips for Cooking for … Yourself (2020) 

You can also find recipes and tips on the America’s Test Kitchen YouTube Channel.