How would you like $500 to improve your public library’s technology? By completing and submitting the Broadband Toolkit Improvement Program (BTIP), you can receive $500 for use in resolving any issues discovered through the completion of the document.

As you (or a staff member) go through the workbook, you’ll determine the particulars of the library’s technology, such as the internet connection and network. Completing the workbook will show what capabilities the library has and what the deficiencies might be. It also contains definitions, examples, and explanations.

The completed workbook is a great broadband resource for staff, as it would contain the broadband information for the library, along with useful explanations of terms and concepts—all in one document. The information in the completed workbook is helpful when training new staff, discussing the library’s needs with legislators, and much more!

What if your library is not a public one? Unfortunately, you would not qualify for the $500, but I urge you to check out the Broadband Toolkit Improvement Program, anyway. It is an excellent resource.

And speaking of resources, please remember that I am one. Call me. Send me an email. I’d even love an old-fashioned snail-mailed letter. If you have a concern, question, idea, or anything really, that’s related to your library’s broadband, including funding, please reach out. I want to help you have the best broadband connection possible for your patrons.