Internet2’s “Toward Gigabit Libraries” project, funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS), created a Broadband Toolkit and Broadband Improvement Plan with a goal “to improve and evolve library staff’s understanding and interaction with the library’s broadband connection and services.” Although available to all libraries (and the world at large), this toolkit was developed specifically for small, rural, and tribal libraries with limited information technology (IT) support and resources.

ICfL is offering a Broadband Toolkit Improvement Program (BTIP), through which, Idaho public libraries can receive $500 to put toward the implementation of their “action items” that are determined through their Library Broadband Improvement Plan. To indicate your interest to participate in BTIP and learn more, complete and submit the form using the button below. ICfL consultants are also available to help you complete the Broadband Toolkit and Broadband Improvement Plan.

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