The Idaho Commission for Libraries is offering a one-time reimbursement to Idaho public libraries for internet content filtering purchased between July 1, 2020 and May 19, 2021 utilizing remaining state broadband and other end-of-year funds. This reimbursement is offered to assist libraries in their efforts to comply with the state requirement to have content filtering in place on publicly accessible wireless internet access.

Reimbursement requests are permitted for the total cost of the content filtering, including any necessary hardware, software, license agreements, and/or installation costs. All Idaho public libraries are eligible and participation in the E-rate program is not a prerequisite for this reimbursement.
These reimbursement requests will be paid using a combination of surplus state broadband reimbursement funds for libraries remaining after fully reimbursing Idaho public libraries for the after E-rate discount portion of the cost of approved broadband services in addition to other end-of-year funds. If the total reimbursement requests exceed the amount of available surplus funds, ICfL will develop a formula based on library need to partially pay the eligible reimbursements to fully utilize the amount of surplus funding available.

If additional surplus funding is available after fully reimbursing all eligible content filtering requests, ICfL will use the remaining surplus funds to reimburse Idaho public libraries for mobile hotspots purchased to check out to library users between July 1, 2020 and April, 27, 2021. Reimbursement requests are permitted for the costs of the device(s) and the cost of the mobile hotspot date plan(s) during that time period.
Please use this short online form to submit a reimbursement request for your library. You may elect to submit invoices for content filtering, mobile hotspots, or both. All reimbursement requests are due by end-of-day Wednesday, May 19, 2021.

If you have any questions about this reimbursement program, content filtering, mobile hotspots, or anything technology related, please don’t hesitate to contact Library Technology Consultant William Lamb.

William Lamb | Library Technology Consultant
(208) 639-4135 | Email:
325 W. State Street | Boise, ID 83702