ABLE has been providing library basics for library staff world-wide since 1998. Over 5,000 ABLE Course Completion Certificates have been printed and distributed to individuals in 32 countries.

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ABLE Courses

Upon completing these three sequences of the ABLE program, any learner may request an electronic program completion certificate from the Idaho Commission for Libraries via this survey.

Youth Services Courses

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More Information:

  • Click here for a list of states which accept these courses for their continuing education programs.
  • For accessibility purposes, text-only versions of the audio narration for each ABLE course is available at this page.
  • Questions or comments may be directed to the Idaho Commission for Libraries’ Continuing Education Consultant at (208) 334-2150. 

A recent user commented:

Thank you for such generosity in sharing your knowledge…..I work as a library aide in two schools in Brisbane, Australia. Your courses will be invaluable to me and many others….A big thank you to all the people at the Idaho Commission for Libraries whose thoughtfulness, knowledge and hard work has contributed to this venture. 

All the best, , Helen Abbott, Teacher Aide, Brisbane, Australia