The Commission for Libraries makes available a number of Continuing Education Grant opportunities to assist Idaho library staff to build their capacity to better serve their communities. Individuals working at eligible libraries may submit an application for Continuing Education grants. The CE Grants are funded with Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) grants funds from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) in accordance with the Commission’s LSTA Five Year Plan and state agency Strategic Plan.

Quick Summary of CE Grants

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Grant Category Award Amount Limitations Matching Requirement
First Time Conference Attendance $250 – $900 First time at event
One per State fiscal year
Library Science Course $250 – $1,000 One per semester
$6,000 lifetime maximum
25% of total project cost
Leadership Development $250 – $1,000 One per semester
$3,000 lifetime maximum
25% of total project cost
Group Training $500 – $5,000 One per State fiscal year 25% of total project cost

Conditions for all CE Grants

  • All funds are distributed to the GRANTEE, not directly to the participant, as reimbursements after the project is complete.
  • The grant applicant/grantee is the publicly-funded library; library staff is a participate/attendee.
  • Participants/attendees must be employed by the publicly-funded library during the entire duration of the project or funds will not be reimbursed.
  • Director or supervisor approval must be secured prior to submitting the application.
  • Participants must contact the ICfL Continuing Education Consultant prior to application submission. Call Tammy at 208-639-4144.
  • Participants must agree to participate in evaluation of their experience immediate after the project and 6 months following.
  • Failure to comply with post-project evaluation and documentation will impact approval for future grant applications.

CE Grant Application Procedure

Step 1 Review the 2018-2019 CE Grant Guide Grant applications should be based on an existing need that will ultimately benefit the users served by the library.
Step 2 Contact the ICfL CE Consultant for pre-approval of your project This grant consultation does not approve the award of grant funds. The consultation will review basic grant conditions, indicate whether the project is in line with the CE grant program goals, and provide input for drafting effective narratives to support the grant application.
Step 3 Review the Eligibility Checklist with the library director. All applicants must submit a completed Eligibilty Checklist to ensure the library meets the requirements for use of LSTA grant funds.
Step 4 Preview the application for the grant category needed. As applications are completed online, it is a recommended practice to locate information and draft responses to all the questions prior to beginning the online application. Use one of these application previews to prepare:

 Step 5 Complete the online application. Use the appropriate online application form below to submit:

Once the application is submitted, ICfL staff will review it and make a recommendation regarding potential award within 10 business days. A copy of the submitted application form will be sent to the participant and the library director at the email addresses listed on the form.

If an award is made, a grant award packet will be sent to the library director and participant for signatures along with information for proceeding.

If an award is not made, the applicant will be notified of the decision.