Idaho’s Public Library Directors come together biennially for this highlight event.

This two-day event will focus on community well-being and libraries as social connectors, including a keynote from guest speaker Rolf Hapel.


Thursday March 12, 2020

9:15 am – “Libraries as Social Connectors” – Stephanie Bailey-White & Tammy Hawley-House
Libraries offer a sense of community and shared place, making it a natural place for social connection. Along with technology-based programs, libraries are tuning in to provide analog opportunities (makerspaces, learning circles, boardgame nights, etc.). This session will focus on the possibilities of social connections during library programming, while sharing some jarring statistics related to loneliness, depression and the effects of social media on our society.

10:45 am – “Blend Your Library into the Workforce Mix” – Randy Kemp
When your community members are looking for their first job, upskilling for a job change, starting a new business, or in some way improving themselves and the local economy, how can you serve them? Public libraries are logical places for resources and services to connect economic and workforce development opportunities to the members your local community. During this sampler session, explore a range of service options and potential partners, such as entrepreneurial hubs, Commerce, Labor, Corrections, Small Business Administration, and others.

1:15 pm – “Doing Democracy” – Meg Lojek
Through a program called “Doing Democracy,” the McCall Library recently expanded its role in the community by hosting a series of discussions on controversial and complex topics in order to promote community dialogue. Learn how the McCall Library is creating with the community a vision of a vital, healthy and caring community and then practice it yourself to see it in action.

3:15 pm – “Brain Architecture Game” – Taryn Yates
This fun and interactive game gives a hands-on demonstration of the impacts that both positive and negative experiences have on the developing brain. It will give you a new perspective on the members of your community.

Friday March 13, 2020

8:30 am – “Project Outcome/Visualization” – Patrick Bodily
What does your library do? How well do you do it? Is anyone better off because of what you do?  In this session we will (re)introduce you to outcome-based evaluation basics including PLA’s Project Outcome tool. Then, we’ll provide a quick crash course into data visualization to enable you to better tell key stakeholders and others about the successes you’ve seen because of the outcomes you’re able to track.

10:45 am – “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Your Transition Notebook but Were Afraid to Ask” – Kevin Tomlinson
In the best of all possible worlds, the board has plenty of warning that the director is going to be retiring. And then there’s the rest of the time. Facing the unforeseen doesn’t have to be a scary experience. In this session, we will begin a succession notebook, identify the elements it comprises, and come away with the knowledge to keep this living document up to date. When the unexpected comes knocking, your staff will thank you, your board will thank you, and the next director will thank you.

1:00 pm – “Best Practice Toolkit Rollout” – Emily Sitz
The Idaho Commission for Libraries will introduce a new tool and companion program for public libraries in Idaho: Best Practices for Public Libraries in Idaho and the Best Practices Improvement Plan. Together with an advisory group of practicing librarians, the ICfL has developed a set of suggested Best Practices surveys which are presented in eight content areas: Collections, Facilities, Governance, Human Resources, Marketing, Planning, Programs and Services, and Technology.  Each content-area Best Practices survey is supported by a toolkit which further defines and supports the Best Practice statements. The Best Practices Improvement Plan will provide financial support, through a grant process, to assist libraries in improving identified Best Practice items.