The staff at the Idaho Commission for Libraries are following Governor Little’s announcement (4/30) and moving to Phase 1 of the Reopening Phases. While our lobby is currently closed to the public, we ARE still working and available for online or phone appointments. Reach us at 208-334-2150 or 208-639-4145 or by email (staff emails are on our website at

Library related COVID-19 resources and articles ICfL staff think you will find useful!

Map of Free Wifi Hotspots in Idaho– The Idaho State Department of Education’s Broadband Program Coordinator, Daniel Vogt, is leading the charge on populating the map. Add your library by sending the following to Daniel at

  • Building name
  • Address
  • Network name (SSID)
  • Password (if applicable)
The Reopening & Working Safely section of the COVID-19 Resources for Libraries website has been updated to include sample reopening plans, a recording of the discussion on reopening, and more resources on keeping your work environment clean. (Deana, Kevin, Emily, Annie)

COVID-19 Resources for Indigenous Peoples (AZ)  – Some of these resources are specific to Arizona tribes, but there is a wealth of information relevant for all tribes across the US. (Deana via Kamiah Community Library) 

 15 Fall scenarios: higher education in a time of social distancing – most colleges and universities are thinking through a range of options along a continuum with everything being back to normal at one end and fully remote learning at the other. (Deana) 

Infobase (Facts on File) – is providing temporary open access to database and video streaming resources through June 30th, including Credo Source Reference and resources geared toward public libraries and K-12 schools. (Allison)  

The Healing Library releases free COVID-19 kit– designed to make a family’s journey of healing following a trauma easier to navigate and personalized. Kits offer books to share and empathize with, discussion prompts so everyone knows what’s going on, activities to provide comfort, suggested acts of kindness to take away that powerless feeling, and suggested community helpers so families know where to find additional help. (Annie) 

What do Famous People’s Bookshelves Reveal? – With celebrities now frequently speaking on television in front of their home libraries we get a fun insight into their reading habits. (Deana)