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Digital Access for All Idahoans

The Digital Access for All Idahoans (DAAI) plan supports all Idahoans in thriving online, providing resources and opportunities to help Idahoans connect with information and communication technologies.

State Digital Access Initiatives

Resource Directory

Locate organizations providing digital access resources to local communities across Idaho.

Idaho Digital Skills offers Idahoans free access to online learning tools to increase their digital skills.

Digital Navigators

Digital Navigators are your trusted guides in a digital world. Idahoans can receive tech assistance with our free hotline.

U of I Extension Digital Economy Program

Discover learning opportunities from U of I extension covering basic digital skills, remote work certification, and more.

Link Up Idaho

Information about connectivity challenges in Idaho and funding opportunities curated by the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board and other State partners.


These workbooks are designed to help communities throughout Idaho form digital access teams and start digital navigator programs.

ICfL’s Digital Inclusion Resources

The ICfL provides an overview of digital inclusion and related resources via a dedicated webpage.

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Digital Access for All Idahoans Plan Overview

Idaho’s first 5-year, statewide digital access plan was approved by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) in February 2024. The Digital Access for All Idahoans (DAAI) plan, along with the resources outlined on this page, aims to ensure Idahoans have access to information and communication technology vital for life in the 21st century.

Many Idahoans face barriers to digital access at a time when internet use is increasingly vital to the ability to thrive in every aspect of life like access to health care, education, business, and government services. The DAAI plan documents pervasive barriers to digital access and proposes a visionary strategy to end digital access divides that prevent many Idahoans from accessing crucial technology. The DAAI plan will increase broadband affordability for Idahoans, as well as improve digital skills, cybersecurity awareness, access to devices, technical support, and access to public services.

Some Idahoans must surmount especially steep barriers to digital access due to membership in groups that have traditionally been excluded from the benefits of technological advances. The DAAI plan includes specific populations that are covered by the Digital Equity Act of 2021 and considers the unique barriers and solutions for each covered population. The DAAI covered populations are households below 150% of poverty level, aging individuals, incarcerated individuals, veterans, individuals with disabilities, individuals with a language barrier, individuals who are members of a racial or ethnic minority group, and individuals who primarily reside in a rural area.

The DAAI plan aligns with existing efforts to improve digital access outcomes. There are other strategic planning efforts in Idaho to address digital access in various sectors, including economic and workforce development, education, health, civic and social engagement, and public services. This plan aligns with the Idaho Department of Commerce’s Office of Broadband Link Up Idaho Initiative Five-Year Action Plan and local digital equity plans that are currently in development. The DAAI plan includes objectives and metrics to ensure alignment with digital equity plans across Idaho.

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Past Event Recordings & Resources

On Wednesday October 4, 2023 a preconference was held to discuss the Digital Access for All Idahoans plan and position organizations for the funding coming in 2024. The workbook contains resources and planning tools.

Navigating the Digital Frontier Workbook

The University of Idaho Extension’s Digital Economy Program, in partnership with the Idaho Commission for Libraries and Idaho Commerce’s State Office of Broadband, hosted two workshops in April and June. Thank you to everyone who made the events a success. Event materials are available:

For more information on forming local broadband action teams, contact UI Extension’s Digital Economy Program at to request assistance from DEP staff in facilitating an organizing meeting or helping your current action team explore the five elements of digital inclusion.

Idaho Department of Commerce, Idaho Commission for Libraries, Association of Idaho Cities, Idaho Association of Counties, and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) welcomed nearly 200 in-person and virtual attendees at the November 15-16, 2022 Internet for All: Idaho Local Coordination Workshop. The event kicked off with keynotes from Governor Brad Little and Rep. John Vander Woude, Chair of the Idaho Broadband Advisory Board. Panels on broadband infrastructure development, telehealth, digital access challenges and solutions, and workforce strategies were featured. The second day provided an opportunity to provide input on the five-year Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) plan and the DAAI plan.

A recording of the first day is available. The following slides are also available separately:

A convening at the Lewiston City Library was held Wednesday, October 5, 2022 at 1:00-4:30pm PT to introduce the new statewide Digital Access for All Idahoans planning process. A recording of the session is available here and the collection of resources shared during the session is available here.


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