We Appreciate Your Support

The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) appreciates your support of its mission to assist the more than 850 libraries in Idaho to build the capacity to best serve their communities.

You may choose to direct your donation to a specific ICfL program, such as the Idaho Talking Book Service (TBS), which brings the wide world of reading to Idahoans who are unable to read standard print due to a physical disability. Or your contribution could foster early literacy skills in our next generation of Idahoans. Check out the Our Programs section below if you would like more information about the ICfL.

Ways to Donate

Donations can be made online with a credit card or by sending a check in the mail. Please fill out the donation form for your preferred donation method below.

Accepted Credit Cards:

visa, american express, discover, and master card

For more information about giving opportunities, including how to set up planned giving, please contact Jamie Smith at or call 208-334-2150.

Public Library Contribution Tax Credit

Individuals and corporations that contribute to public libraries and/or the Idaho Commission for Libraries are eligible for tax savings. Idaho Code section 63-3029A allows individuals and corporations to take a tax credit for monetary charitable contributions made to public libraries, library districts, and the Idaho Commission for Libraries.

An individual taxpayer’s contribution to a public library is allowed as an itemized deduction on the federal return and on the Idaho return. In addition, the taxpayer received an Idaho tax credit for the contribution. The credit is limited to the smallest of one-half of the amount contributed, 50% of the individual’s income tax, or $500 ($1,000 on a joint return).

This credit is also available to Idaho corporations that make a monetary charitable contribution to a public library or library district located in Idaho, or the Idaho Commission for Libraries. For corporations, the credit is limited to the smallest of one-half of the amount contributed, 10% of the corporation’s income tax, or $5,000.

Donations of goods or services do not qualify.

If you have questions, please check with your accountant and/or the Idaho State Tax Commission.

Our Programs

Learn more about some of our programs. You can choose to donate to a specific program, or make a general donation.


ICFL Building

Make a donation to ICfL or any of its other programs and services.


TBS at work

A free audio book and magazine service for Idaho residents with physical limitations.


Provides materials and resources for families to help their children develop early literacy skills.


Free content to Idahoans for their research, business, or recreation needs through online information databases.


Designed to help children maintain or improve their reading skills over the summer months.


Bringing adult reading discussion groups together with humanities scholars in Idaho’s public libraries.

Thank you for your invaluable support of the Idaho Commission for Libraries.