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Have you wondered how you can better attract and serve the homeschool community? What resources are best? Do you have the right tools for their needs? The answers might not be what you think. Join Linda Hincks, homeschool veteran and teacher, for a one hour webinar to learn more about educational differentiation and what opportunities there are for libraries to contribute to homeschoolers successes. After participating in this webinar, participants should be able to:

  • Understand philosophies of homeschooling along the spectrum of choice
  • Identify educational biases and outline challenges of working with homeschoolers when their educational style is unlike your own
  • Explore how curation in the library helps in the planning and execution of learning for homeschoolers in order to better serve and deliver resources to the homeschool community

Linda Hincks has taught groups of 2-250 in diverse subjects including raptor physiology, poetry, oceanography and homeschooling. Through the years, she has helped many families in their educational journey. In the last year, Linda has spoken at over 50 libraries. Linda was raised by artists and schooled to be a scientist, but that soon gave way to a love of public education in museums and classroom teaching. Then, not long after her first daughter was born, she heard an article on homeschooling. Her inner wheels began to turn; what could learning and life be like, if we did what was perfectly right for us? Through 20 years of homeschooling, Linda and her children have explored not just reading, writing and arithmetic, but also community building, service, and diversity. They have homeschooled at the top of a mountain, sang songs to non-releasable raptors and watched the moon blot out the sun. Linda’s favorite things include reading, collecting information, lindy hop, teaching and most things ending in -ology.

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