The ICfL is launching a new program for teens at your public or school library. The Idaho Teen Reading Challenge is a way for you to encourage teens to read outside of their comfort zone. This year’s categories are: Graphic Novels, a Book Recommended by a Friend, #OwnVoices, Free Choice, a Book that Keeps You Up at Night, a Classic, Memoir/Biography, and a Re-Read.

Idaho Teen Reading Challenge LogoHere’s how the program works:

  1. The reading challenge will run from October – April (seven months). Teens will be challenged to read one book from eight different categories (eight books total) during that time.
  2. You can register your library to participate in the program and request bookmarks and tracking forms.
  3. After you receive them, you will give teens a tracking form to keep track of their books, and a bookmark with the eight categories of books on it.
  4. As they finish a book in each category, you will punch their bookmark with a special hole punch that we will send to you.
  5. When a teen has completed the challenge, they can upload the titles they read using a form that is linked to a QR code on the tracking sheet (that way you don’t have to keep track of who finished the program).
  6. In May, we will contact you to let you know how many teens finished the program at your library. We will also hold a drawing for three $100 gift cards for teens who complete the challenge.

We will accept registrations through October 20, but if you want to start the challenge on Oct. 1, register soon!

The Idaho Teen Reading Challenge is a tool for public and school libraries to engage with teens and encourage them to read something new. The Idaho Commission for Libraries (ICfL) is excited to see how libraries across the state incorporate the Challenge into their service for teens in their communities. We know that the past couple of years have been particularly difficult for Idaho teens. We also know the impact that librarians can have by putting the right book in the hands of a kid who needs it. The Challenge encourages teens to read new genres, get recommendations from their friends, and share what they are reading with others. Teens have the chance to explore new books and revisit some of their favorite reads. We hope that by next spring, teens across Idaho will be more excited about reading and continue to get recommendations and books from their local public or school libraries.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions: Have a great day!