All Idaho public libraries are eligible to participate in the ICfL’s IMLS ARPA OverDrive Funds opportunity, providing dedicated funding specifically to support public libraries in purchasing digital e-book and e-audio content via OverDrive. Every Idaho public library is eligible to receive $2,000 per facility directly to their OverDrive account. (Facilities for this purpose are defined as the combined total count of centrals, branches, and bookmobiles for a public library as reported in the 2020 Idaho Public Library Statistics.)

To participate, a public library should complete this short online application by July 11. Later in July, we will begin to make these funds available to the libraries that applied. Public libraries who already have an OverDrive membership (whether individually or as part of a consortium) will receive these funds in the form of an OverDrive content credit. Public libraries without an existing OverDrive membership will be able to use these funds to purchase membership into an existing OverDrive consortium, leaving any remaining amount available as an OverDrive content credit.

This opportunity is separate from the ICfL’s $1 million for “Libraries Keep Students Learning and Adults Earning/American Rescue Plan Act Grant” open to all public, school, academic, tribal, and special libraries, so public libraries can apply for both. Public libraries do not need to list these IMLS ARPA OverDrive Funds on their ARPA Grant application but can use that grant to request additional OverDrive funds above the amount provided by this IMLS ARPA OverDrive Funds opportunity if needed.

For more information about the IMLS APRA OverDrive Funds opportunity, please visit:

To apply for this opportunity, please submit this short application by July 11:

If you have any questions about this funding for OverDrive, please contact E-Services Program Supervisor Dylan Baker at or 208-639-4167. We look forward to supporting your library’s digital content with this opportunity and the Idaho Digital E-Book Alliance (IDEA).

We also have a one-hour LITT (Libraries in Idaho Talking Trends) discussion via Zoom for IDEA & OverDrive scheduled for this Thursday, June 10 at 2:00pm MDT / 1:00pm PDT. LITT discussions are open to all Idaho library staff. More information about this LITT: IDEA & OverDrive discussion can be found here: