Info2Go: Monthly Webinars


Monthly webinars showcasing current topics in Idaho Libraries. The focus is on providing a platform for the library community and our partners to share knowledge. Join guest experts from 12:30-1:30 pm MT (11:30-12:30 pm PT) to explore new library trends and services.

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2018 Sessions

All sessions are 12:30pm – 1:30pm Mountain Time (11:30am – 12:30pm Pacific)

Info2Go! YA Reads for the New Year

December 17, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm MST

What’s coming down the pike for your young adult readers in 2019? Learn what titles are on their way and what titles remain in top reading lists. Learn from our presenter and be prepared to share your own ideas!

Presenter: Jen Scott Wills, Boise Public Library

Info2Go! New Year, New LiLI Databases

January 14, 2019, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm MST

Buckle your seat belts! Securing the new LiLI contracts has been a wild ride, but the i’s have been dotted, the dust has settled, and a new day is dawning for LiLI-D! In this Info2Go session, find out what’s new and what’s staying the same in the ever-evolving landscape of Bring your spirit of adventure and your questions! 

Presenter: Allison Floyd

Info2Go! STEM Making for Teens

February 11, 2019, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm MST

Attendees will hear about low threshold Maker activities to engage teens in hands-on STEM activities in the libraries and gain access to materials and resources, including easy to follow, program guides.

Presenters: Victor Lee, Aubrey Rogowski, & Heidee Nichol


January 22 Making Readers: How the Maker Movement Can Impact Literacy We have all heard how making and makerspaces can encourag STEM learning. But what can they do for literacy? This webinar will address ways that literacy and making can go hand in hand to enhance your program offered at the library. By focusing on transliteracy skills and including maker activities with literacy activities, librarians can better influence the traditional literacy skills they have always targeted.

Presenter: Megan Egbert, Meridian Library District

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February 26 Parent Education Resource Center The Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) is launching the Parent Resource Education Center – a portal for discovering educational resources for all ages in any Idaho community.   Join Sherawn Reberry from IDLA who will take us on a tour of this new site.  You also learn how you can use this site as an information resource, as well as a platform to post your events and resources.

Presenter: Sherawn Reberry, Idaho Digital Learnign Academy

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March 19 Idaho’s Talking Book Service Learn about the Talking Book Service and how to promote it with users in your library. This free service provide direct access to reading materials for eligible Idahoans who are unable to read standard print.

Presenter: Sue Walker, ICfL

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April 16 Protecting Children in the Library, policies and guidelines around mandatory reporting and safe places Join staff of the Department of Health and Welfare as they share information important to library staff working in public places and their role in providing safe spaces for children. Archived Recording
May 21 Managing Public Computing and Print Usage in the Library Learn about a tool in use in some libraries to more easily manage usage of public computing workstations and printer usage by the public.

Presenter: Adam Day, Twin Falls Public Library

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June 18 Live Better Idaho This community-focused web service can help you connect library users with Idaho services for better health, education, family needs, and work.

Presenter: Robbie Jackson, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare

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July 16


Get Downloaded on the New LiLI Databases An introduction to the changes taking shape at New Databases? New features? Learn what’s new and what’s coming.

Presenter: Allison Floyd, ICfL

August 20 Identifying and Confronting Microaggressions in Our Libraries This session is intended to foster a more conscious, inclusive communication style. It will help identify examples of microaggressions and how they adversely affect our relationships between ourselves, our fellow staff members, and patrons. We’ll discuss the ingrained biases that lead us to being perpetrators of microaggressions. We’ll also learn what to do to stand up for ourselves and others when we’re the victims of microaggressions.

Presenter: Elizabeth Ramsey, Boise State University

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September 17 Battle of the Books Maybe you have heard of this team-based reading incentive program or maybe you want to learn more. It is becoming increasingly popular in Idaho and beyond. Hear how two middle-school teacher-librarians are battling their way to fun in this month’s Info2Go webinar.

Presenters: Melissa Bollinger & Amy Armstrong

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October 15 Breakout EDU at the Library! Have you heard about Breakout Rooms? Have you tried one? Instead of locking students in a room, BreakoutEDU encourages students to break into a box to win prizes. Experience how you can use this platform to encourage problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork in your classroom or library. 

Presenter: Nick Madsen, Community Library Network

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2017 Schedule

  • January 9 ~ Collaboration for Summer Reading: ARCHIVE ~ SLIDES
  • February 13 ~ Adult Programming That Works:  ARCHIVE  ~ SLIDES
  • March 6 ~ Makerspace Communities and Their Futures  ARCHIVE ~ SLIDES
  • April 17  ~ It’s In the Bag! Kits of All Types and for All Ages!  ARCHIVE ~ SLIDES
  • May 15 ~ Volunteers in the Library: Mork Work Force or More Work?  ARCHIVE ~ SLIDES ~ RESOURCES
  • June 19 ~ Gaining Employee Engagement  ARCHIVE ~ SLIDES
  • June 16 ~ Get Downloaded on the New LiLI Databases. This webinar was canceled.

2016 Schedule

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