During the 2020 legislative session, the Idaho legislature passed HO522, which became Idaho Code 33-137 and is paraphrased here:

This legislation requires that vendor contracts for digital and online library resources for K-12 students contain a provision verifying that the resource will not contain material deemed harmful to minors as defined in Idaho Code and provides that contracts may be suspended or terminated for violation of that provision.

Idaho Code 33-137 goes into effect July 1, 2020.

In compliance with Idaho Code 33-137, the Idaho Commission for Libraries has launched a new website, https://lilischools.org.

The lilischools.org site offers educational and research content scaled to provide users with a targeted, streamlined learning environment that focuses on the needs of K though 12 students.

The lilischools.org site contains a smaller set of databases selected from https://lili.org. Fewer options can be particularly helpful for novice researchers who may be overwhelmed by the abundance of resources found on lili.org.

As with lili.org, https://lilischools.org is available to all Idaho schools and residents with internet access.