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Our next LITT: School Libraries chat will be held April 27, 2023 at 4:00pm MST/3:00pm PST.

Topic: All the fun that can be had using Canva.

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Notes from Past LITT: School Libraries Chats

  • Shannon shared her slide deck from the LITT session, and we are invited to use all the resources there.  Check out some examples of choice boards for inspiration, and while you are there, read a few of Shannon’s posts on her blog, The Library Voice.
  • QR codes can be imbedded in your choice boards. You can create them for free at qrcodemonkey, or any number of free QR code generators.
  • Bonus tip from Shannon: Want to remove the ads on YouTube Videos for student viewing?  Insert a dash (-) between the t and the u in YouTube in the URL like this: yout-ube.  Presto! The video fills the entire screen sans suggested next videos and ads.  You can watch this video for a more complete demonstration.
  • We used free accounts with Symbaloo to start our own webmixes.  The tour on Symbaloo is pretty good, and there are great tips in Shannon’s slide deck.

Join us on Zoom at 4:00pm MDT/ 3:00 PDT for a fun how-to, idea exchange, and all-around good time.

Meeting ID: 876 5356 9747
Passcode: LITT

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