About Our Scholars

The Let’s Talk About It scholars are central to the program. An invited scholar leads the discussion at each program session on one of the selected books. The scholar’s presentation both provides a critical perspective on the reading and also inspires the participants to relate their experiences and insights to the book and share their responses with the discussion group. Scholars for this program meet the following criteria:

  • Have an advanced degree in the humanities;

  • Are professionally engaged in or retired from teaching, writing, researching, or studying in the humanities;

  • Are enthusiastic about the LTAI project and about facilitating great discussions;

  • Are willing to devote the time necessary to develop an excellent presentation.

Let’s Talk About It Program Scholars 2023-2024

Scholar Resources

The following resources are provided for use by our program scholars.

Please contact the LTAI program coordinator for any questions or needs relating to these forms or the program in general. LeAnn Gelskey (208) 639-4148, leann.gelskey@libraries.idaho.gov

  • LTAI Scholar Handbook (PDF)
  • Online Scholar Feedback Form (online form) – Clicking on this link will direct you to our online feedback form. This form should be completed after each session you facilitate. Completing this form online is quick and easy. If have any issues with this form, or you would prefer a different format, please contact us and we will send you the form as a Word doc or on paper.
  • LTAI Scholar Reimbursement Form (online form) To receive payment and reimbursement, scholars must submit the online invoice along with appropriate receipts. See the “Scholar Invoice Rates & Instructions” document below for detailed submission instructions.
  • Scholar Reimbursement Rates & Instructions (PDF) – The document contains the most current travel reimbursement rates, submission instructions, and detailed information about completing the scholar invoice form.
  • W-9 (PDF)
  • Themes and Books – (Link) This link will redirect you to our Themes and Books page for program content.