As you may have gathered, we at the Idaho Commission for Libraries are big on keeping students learning and adults earning, which is why it’s my absolute pleasure to announce the following new titles, available via’s Gale e-books collection at


Available in the Business section:


  • Beating the Workplace Bully: a Tactical Guide to Taking Charge
  • Blue Collar Resumes (2nd ed.)
  • Career Courage: Discover Your Passion, Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, & Create the Success You Want
  • Career Match: Connecting Who You Are with What You’ll Love to Do
  • Excuse Me: the Survival Guide to Modern Business Etiquette
  • Packaging Yourself: the Targeted Resume (5th ed.)
  • Shortcut Your Job Search: Get Meetings that Get You the Job (5th ed.)
  • Top Secret Executive Resumes (2nd ed.)


Available in the Education section:


  • Career Information Center (10th ed.)
  • Teens’ Guide to College & Career Planning (12th ed.)
  • Up is Not the Only Way: Rethinking Career Mobility


Available in the Social Science section:


  • Blaze Your Own Trail: an Interactive Guide to Navigating Life with Confidence, Solidarity, and Compassion



These new e-books are available in addition to all of the other great Gale titles you know and love (or just waiting for you discover them) on just about everything under the sun.


Happy learning, happy earning!