TruIdaho is an e-mail discussion list for the trustees of Idaho’s public libraries.  Membership is not limited to trustees, Idaho residents, or ILA members, but the list will be of greatest interest and value to those who are serving as library trustees in Idaho.  TruIdaho is provided by the Idaho Library Association (ILA).  ILA welcomes respectful discussion of professional issues.

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All posts represent the opinions of the poster.  Diversity of opinion is welcomed.  Posts are to be of a professional nature on topics relevant to Idaho libraries.  Information, discussion, and news are welcome.

The list may be utilized by subscribers sharing information.  Commercial announcements and advertisements are not permitted, except those of a professional development or continuing education nature.  Non-library-related messages such as chain e-mails, product boycotts, advertising, or commercial marketing messages are not appropriate for this distribution list.

Commonsense netiquette is requested.  While controversial or lively debates are welcome, please use the same etiquette as if the discussion were face-to-face, in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism.  Please refrain from flaming, typing in all caps, derogatory remarks, and personal attacks.  Take care in sharing personal, confidential, copyrighted, or trademarked content to the list.  Inappropriate posting will result in the deletion of the post and may result in barring future posts by the sender.


In an effort to ensure that the TruIdaho list meets subscribers’ expectations, ILA reserves the right to make judgments and to refuse messages that do not meet the list policy.  Providing information does not imply endorsement of materials or information by ILA or the distribution list moderator.

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