Minneapolis, MN: Millbrook Press, 2016

If it seems improbable that a book about teeth could be a really fun read aloud for the Pre-K to 2nd Grade set, then get a load of Tooth By Tooth; this is informational text for young readers at its best!  Levine and Spookytooth work together to create an interactive treat with only the best kind of trick, in that it also works in facts about the differences between mammals and other types of animals with all that tooth, tusk, and fang info.  The page layout along with the question and answer structure, will keep the pages turning, too.

Spookytooth’s illustrations have a textured collage look and are filled with additional details like signs showing the skull of the animal featured on the page, so readers can really get a look at those teeth. In addition, to make it easier for the reader to match the right teeth with the right animal, humans in the illustrations and then their animal counterpart are shown wearing the same accessories. It’s a clever and effective way to help the youngest readers connect the teeth to the animal.

Tooth By Tooth is an excellent choice for any elementary picture book collection or animal book section. Like most high-quality informational books, it includes sections for more information, a glossary, and further reading with websites. When reading this title aloud, please be advised to have mirrors handy for the viewing and counting of teeth!

Dewey: 599.9 Interest Level: PreK-2

Reviews and Awards:  Booklist, Kirkus, School Library Journal, Science and Children (NSTA).

Older readers might like: Teeth, Claws & Jaws by Janet Riehecky (Hi/Lo for Grades 5-8).

Young adult readers might like: The Animal Mating Game: The Wacky, Weird World of Sex in the Animal Kingdom by Ann Downer.

Fiction pairing: Big Chomp! by Heather Brown.

On the Web:

DK Findout at http://www.dkfindout.com/us/ has information on types of teeth, the animal kingdom, and lots of other topics.