"I learn something new, and make new friends and connections every time I attend the Read to Me Rendezvous, and I've been attending for over 11 years! I leave with tools to improve my programming, and knowledge to refine the way I provide services at my library."

Amanda Bowden, Portneuf Library

The Idaho Commission for Libraries’ Read to Me program is excited to host the biennial Read to Me Rendezvous this spring. This two-day convening for Idaho library staff has been held for over 25 years, and focuses on how library staff can support early literacy/early learning through programs and services. To learn more about ICfL’s Read to Me programs visit https://libraries.idaho.gov/rtm.

2022 Theme: Essentials and Potentials

The Rendezvous this year is focused on the fundamentals of early learning (essentials), and incorporating those fundamentals into library services, materials, and partnerships (potentials). Content will apply to both experienced staff and novice staff. The majority of the content will be facilitated by Idaho early learning professionals. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Brain development and research
  • Developmental milestones
  • How children learn
  • Kindergarten readiness standards
  • High-quality programming and materials (such as K Ready programs and early learning kits)
  • Library environments that support best practices
  • Developing children’s mathematical thinking
  • Resources for library staff
  • Early learning partners and community partnerships

We had hoped that Covid transmission rates would have decreased to a level in which we could host an event similar to events held in prior years; however, the highly contagious nature of the Omicron variant and high community transmission rates in Boise require us to use extreme caution and consider every safety measure possible.

There will be TWO tracks for the event:

  • An in-person track, to be held at the Oxford Suites in Boise on March 16 – 17, 2022, with restricted attendance and safety measures/requirements
  • A self-paced, online set of modules, based on video recordings of the live event, to be completed in April, 2022 and to include live discussion sessions through Zoom

In order to host a live event in the safest and most responsible way possible, the following measures will be taken, and adherence to safety guidelines will be strictly enforced:

  • Registration will be limited to 50 attendees, one person per library (travel, lodging and meals provided/funded by ICfL).
  • Registration will be open to library staff working in an Idaho public library. (We are hoping to provide some similar content for school librarians for Summer Summit 2022.)
  • Attendees will be required to wear face coverings at all times while attending the live event, with the exception of mealtimes, regardless of vaccination status. Hotel staff attending to the event will be required to wear face coverings.
  • Attendees who register for the in-person event are required to attend all parts of the event, from start to finish, both days, no exceptions.
    Attendees will be expected to self-monitor their health each day, attest they are healthy/asymptomatic, and report any fever or symptoms to ICfL event organizers.
  • No more than five persons will be seated at each round table, which can normally seat 8 – 10 people.
  • Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes will be provided.
  • Individual writing utensils will be provided, and the sharing of materials for activities will be limited.
  • Meals that are presented buffet-style will be served by a hotel staff member, so that serving utensils are not shared by attendees.
  • Lunch/breakfast activities will be designed so that attendees may choose to take their meals in their rooms, in another part of the hotel, outside, or of course, within the event room.
  • Additional safety measures that limit the spread of the virus through the sharing of materials/equipment during the event are also planned.
  • A few “pre-work” readings and/or activities will be assigned prior to the event, and completion of these assignments will be expected for those wishing to attend in person.
  • Anyone not comfortable with these modifications/requirements or who are unable to attend the event in its entirety should register for the Virtual Track (see below).
Additional details for in-person event:
  • Registration will be open on a first-come, first-served basis until filled.
  • Only one person per library branch can register (Bookmobiles not included as a branch).
  • Staff traveling more than 50 miles one-way from their library location are eligible for lodging and travel reimbursement as outlined in ICfL’s Non-Employee Travel Guidelines.
  • The following meals will be provided during the event: Day 1 – Light breakfast snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks; Day 2 – hot breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks. A dinner per diem is provided in accordance with ICfL’s Non-Employee Travel Guidelines. Coffee, tea, and water is provided. You are encouraged to bring your own water bottle.

See Agenda

We will be contracting with a professional videographer who will film the speakers and sessions at the live event. These videos will be uploaded in segments to ICfL’s Niche Academy and made available to Idaho library staff. A set timeframe to begin and finish the content and activities will be determined. In addition:

  • Library staff will be required to register for this option, and anyone participating in this option will be expected to complete the content and activities within four – six weeks of the start date.
  • The content will include the same “pre-work” assignments required of those attending the in-person event; videos of the speakers and sessions; some hands-on activities adapted for virtual learning; and one or two live Zoom gatherings that will allow virtual attendees to chat, debrief, discuss and network with other library staff.
  • Library staff who complete all the requirements of the Virtual Option will receive materials to help support high-quality early learning programs in the library.

Which option is best for me?

If any of the following apply, you should register for the Virtual Option:

  • Cannot attend both full days of the in-person event March 16 – 17, 2022
  • Are immunocompromised or live with an immunocompromised person
  • Are unable to travel to Boise
  • Are uncomfortable wearing a face covering for long periods of time, or have a medical condition that prevents you from wearing a face covering
  • Are not comfortable spending long periods of time in close proximity to others in an indoor setting
  • Have more than one person from the library who wishes to attend (only one person per library can register for the in-person event)

Ready to Register?

Please read through ICfL’s Travel Reimbursement Guidelines to determine how travel will be reimbursed and what lodging you are eligible for:

Non-employee Travel Guidelines

Travel Reimbursement Explained