Libraries accepted to participate are required to:

  1. Host a three-hour Idaho Child Care Reads! workshop, or a series of training sessions that total at least three hours, aimed at child care providers/ early childhood teachers, and focus on the Six Early Literacy Skills and utilizing library services.
  2. Follow guidelines for content and material in the Idaho Child Care Reads!script.
  3. Distribute and collect the Idaho Child Care Reads! Workshop Evaluation from each participant.
  4. Distribute the Literacy Kits at the end of the training session to participants that have turned in a completed evaluation form. The kits can go to family or center-based child care providers as long as they serve at least three children other than their own. More than one child care provider per daycare/center can attend the training, but only one set of books can go to each classroom.
  5. Complete and return to ICfL the Idaho Child Care Reads! Summary Report and any leftover Literacy Kits within two weeks after hosting your workshop.
  6. Libraries offering the ICCR Workshop for IdahoSTARS credit will need to complete additional requirements (see IdahoSTARS section below).

Literacy Kits:

ICfL will ship the following materials to the library, which will need to be assembled before your workshop in the Read to Me canvas totebags provided. Each Literacy Kit will include: 20 paperback books, a set of letter magnets, a professional resource book, and a music CD.

IDAHO CHILD CARE READS! WORKSHOP SCRIPT: A script containing key points has been created to ensure all defined program objectives have been met and that key pieces of information are aligned with other Read to Me programs and information. Similar to the Every Child Ready to Read script, the ICCR script is designed to allow facilitators to customize the workshop and tailor the materials to meet individual needs.


Requirements for IdahoSTARS

(Idaho’s State Training and Registry System for child care providers) The Idaho Child Care Reads! Workshop is now an “Approved Course” with IdahoSTARS. As such, an additional set of guidelines and requirements must be met if you are interested in offering your ICCR workshop for IdahoSTARS credit (see Approved Course outline). Please read the Summary of Requirements below for a step-by-step process:

In addition to the 3 REQUIRED HANDOUTS listed above, Approved Trainers must also
submit or distribute the following:

Some Workshop Resources:

Questions may be directed to:
Staci Shaw

208-334-2150 / 800-458-3271