“Find It at Your Library”

November 2018

Find it at your library

An annual statewide celebration of family reading.

Showcase all the great resources your library has to offer with “Find It at Your Library,” this year’s theme for Idaho Family Reading Week. The official week is November 11th – 17th but events can take place anytime in November. Publicly-funded school and public libraries can register online to receive materials to help support a Family Reading Week event. The first 100 libraries to register will receive six, new hardcover nonfiction books. Let’s help our families and children discover all the great resources our libraries have to offer!

Program registration is now closed

September 15th – October 15th   (or sooner – first-come, first served for 100 Idaho libraries) 

Public and school libraries may register. School libraries are encouraged to partner with an applying public library and submit one registration form for a joint event.

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(Note: If you were unable to register your event before we reached our maximum capacity of 100 libraries for this program, consider if your event meets the requirements of the “Outreach for Underserved Children” program, found here.)

Participating libraries will receive:

  • Six new, hardcover, non-ficton books (see title images below);
  • Public libraries may request some paperback non-fiction books to give to participating children or to partner with a local school to support their FRW event.
  • New this year! We have received 5,000 copies of First Lady Lori Otter’s Idabooks for FRW. All public and school libraries may request paperback copies to use as give-aways for participating children. (Public libraries are limited to 50 books; School libraries are limited to 150 books.)[iee_empty_space type=”vertical” height=”15″ width=”10″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][/iee_empty_space] First Lady Lori Otter’s Ida book titles available for FRW:First Lady Lori Otter's Ida book titles[iee_empty_space type=”vertical” height=”15″ width=”10″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][/iee_empty_space]
  • All libraries may access free program ideas and resources that can be used year-round: a scavenger hunt, parent handouts that support early literacy skills, booklists, activity ideas, storytimes, and Beauty and the Beak extension activities (see links below).[iee_empty_space type=”vertical” height=”15″ width=”10″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=”” id=””][/iee_empty_space]

2018 Family Reading Week Hardcover Titles:

FRW 2018 Book Covers

Program Requirements:

By applying for the Idaho Family Reading Week program, the library agrees to:

  • host at least 1 family reading event by November 30, 2018 (event does NOT have to be Nov 11-17 only)
  • submit a summary event report including numbers served, narrative responses and program/resource feedback by December 15, 2018

New to hosting an Idaho Family Reading Week event?

Just need some fresh ideas?

Check out this compilation of event ideas from both public and school libraries for this year’s FRW theme:

FRW Event Ideas

Extension activities for “Beauty and the Beak”:

Idaho’s 2018 National Book Festival title “Beauty and the Beak” is a nonfiction picture book about Beauty, the wild bald eagle that made world news when she was illegally shot, rescued and received a pioneering, 3-D printed prosthetic beak.  This book will be a resource for the first 100 libraries applying for FRW this year. Here are some additional activities/resources that librarians or teachers can offer in conjunction with this book:

  • All public and school libraries can download the 3-D design (the .stl file) to 3-D print their very own Beauty beak: http://stem.idaho.gov/beautysbeak/ 
  • The raptor biologist who helped rescue Beauty and design, fit and care for Beauty’s new beak, Janie Veltkamp, and author Deborah Lee Rose, developed an educational guide, aligned with Idaho Content Standards, for educational use: https://stem.idaho.gov/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Final-Beauty-and-the-Beak-Combined.pdf
  • Want to see and learn about birds of prey live (or via Skype)?! Request a live or virtual presentation from Janie and her aviary of trained, educational birds of prey on the Birds of Prey of Northwest website: (subsidized presentations by the Idaho STEM Action Center)

Questions? Contact Read To Me Project Coordinator, Kristina Taylor

Kristina Taylor

Kristina Taylor

Outreach & Family Engagement Consultant [iee_empty_space type="vertical" height="10" width="10" hide_on_mobile="small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility" class="" id=""][/iee_empty_space] Email / 208-639-4136
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