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My First Books targets children from birth to kindergarten who are unlikely to have many books in their homes or have a library card. The program provides a book a month for nine months for each participating child, and My First Books families can participate in a free early literacy workshop. My First Books parents also receive a monthly newsletter, “The Bookworm,” which suggests tips and strategies to support early literacy skills at home.

In addition to providing children with books, a goal of all Read to Me programs is to encourage contact between participating families and librarians to promote local library services.  

Map of Libraries Participating in 2018-2019


Please review the Application Guidelines. Only Idaho public libraries may apply.

Apply Online February 5 – April 19

Partner Survey

Your feedback is very important to us as it helps us improve library programs and our partnerships. Thank you for taking time to fill out our survey.

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If your inventory was short or if your enrollment increased, click below to order additional books

Nuts and Bolts of the Program

Resources to Help You Keep Track

Forms and Documents

End-of-Program Evaluation – (updated docs coming soon)

Online Final Report

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Staci.

Staci Shaw

Staci Shaw

Youth Services Consultant
Email / 208.639.4178
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