Notice: ICfL’s statewide public library subscription to the TumbleBooks™ Library ended June 30, 2019.

If your library would like to provide a subscription to the TumbleBooks Library for your patrons, please contact Rachela Naccarato at Tumblweed Press to inquire about individual pricing. Your library is responsible for the subscription cost.

Beginning July 1, 2019: TumbleBooks™ of the Day!

Idahoans can now access one free TumbleBook picture book, one TumbleBook math book, one TumbleBook in Spanish, and one TumbleBook game every day through a special agreement with Tumbleweed Press. These TumbleBooks of the Day (TB of the Day) can be accessed through or by direct link: 

In addition to the books and game, each day features a “Fun Fact” for parents and caregivers. These facts focus on early literacy, early learning, child development, and kindergarten readiness. One of the greatest challenges for school readiness is reaching parents and caregivers well before children start school, to let them know what their children should know and be able to do before they start kindergarten. TB of the Day is a great platform to reach a wide audience with this communication.

No authentication is required to access TB of the Day, and the site can be accessed from homes, schools, libraries, and personal devices.

TumbleBooks FAQ’s

Download the logo that works best for your website or social media site from the choices below. Use the URL above to link to the logo. If you need assistance contact your library’s IT person, or email ICfL’s web manager Doug Baker.

If you are an e-Branch library, the link will automatically show up on your website. Contact Edgar with any questions. 

If your library has purchased a subscription to TumbleBooks, you can still promote TumbleBooks of the Day. Your patrons will need to authenticate their use of your regular TumbleBooks subscription with a library card number, and they will have access to the full TB library. However, there is no authentication process for TumbleBooks of the Day, as only one of each book (picture, math, Spanish, and game) can be accessed each day.

If your library wishes to purchase a full subscription to TumbleBooks please contact Rachela Naccarato at Tumbleweed Press.

Yes! TumbleBooks of the Day are a great addition to preschools, Head Start, daycare centers, WIC distribution centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, classrooms and school libraries, health care clinics, home visiting programs, and more! Not only can children interact with e-books each day, but the adults will see a Fun Fact each day about how to help prepare children for success in school. The more widely used, the better prepared Idaho children will be for kindergarten!

ICfL evaluates the impact and cost-effectiveness of its programs and resources on an annual basis, to ensure state and federal funds are being utilized for maximum efficiency. Though many Idaho libraries’ usage statistics showed that the TumbleBooks Library was being actively used by families, a large number of libraries showed little or no use on an annual basis. In addition, the authentication process that was mandated impacted access, decreasing usage quite dramatically.

We are grateful to Tumbleweed Press for extending the TumbleBooks of the Day option to Idaho, and we value their partnership in offering free e-books to all Idaho children, to help get them ready for kindergarten.