TumbleBooks™ for all public libraries

A subscription to Tumblebooks, a collection of animated picture ebooks, is available to all public libraries in Idaho. Customers access these ebooks through the public libraries website.
The current contract ends June 30, 2019.

TumbleBooks FAQ’s for public libraries

If you are an e-Branch library, the link will automatically show up on your website. Contact Edgar with any questions. 

Don’t worry, the remaining time on your subscription will be added to the end of the contract period the Commission is paying for. If you are interested in “purchasing” other TumbleBook services with your prorated dollars or have any questions regarding your current subscription, contact Rachela to discuss the options.

We were not able to purchase accounts for public schools and so school access is not included. Butdon’t worry! Students may access TumbleBooks through your local public library website for personal use, not classroom or instructional use.

Create a website on your own or contact Edgar to have the Commission set up your easy-to-use e-Branch site.


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