Summer Summit 2016 in Coeur d’Alene was a blast!

Forty-six Idaho school librarians had a few days of fun, learning, and community in July in beautiful Coeur d’Alene
attending Summer Summit 2016!  Tiffany Whitehead, The Mighty Little Librarian, was our fantastic featured speaker, and shared tons of valuable information to take back to school.  If she is ever a choice on the conference program, be sure to attend her session – you won’t be disappointed!  Follow her blog at , where you can find this infographic Tiffany created and shared for anyone to use.  Just remember to cite and attribute!

Breakout EDU GroupThe Breakout EDU session was a highlight, and many librarians came away with ideas about how this exciting activity can be applied to most any content area.  We hope librarians, teachers, and students alike have many hours of hands-on, collaborative learning with it!

There were also sessions on low-tech making, information literacy, how to program within a fixed schedule, and what high school grads should know when they get to college, among many, many other topics!

A sincere thanks to all who took a few days out of their summer to get some PD!  Hope to see you all again next year for Summer Summit 2017!

Summer Summit 2016 Agenda:

All the things we covered and where to find the stuff:

Agenda with CEU assignments

Presenter and Facilitator Guide

Please refer to your binder for participant list

DAY 1:

 Keynote: Tiffany Whitehead:

Find the slides, links and more for all of Tiffany’s sessions at

Information Literacy:

Information Literacy Lesson Plan Template

Idaho ICT Standards for:  K-2      3-5     6-8     9-12

Information literacy topics are also found in:

Reading for Informational Text standard 1standard 2standard 3standard 6standard 7standard 8standard 9;

Writing standard 6,  standard 7standard 8standard 9; and

Speaking and Listening standard 2standard 3.

AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

ISTE Standards for Students

Open Text Resources and How-to’s:

Open Text on Information Literacy:  Open Education Resource from State University of New York (SUNY) that can be used and adapted for information literacy lessons for any grade.

Guide and Ethics of Using Open Texts: Open texts are great, but how do I use them?

Open Educational Resources Commons: Collections, activities, websites, games, texts, and more – in all subjects – all open text.  Aligned to grade levels and standards.

BreakOut EDU:

Games to develop and practice communication, problem solving, critical thinking and team work skills for any content area.

Games:  sign up as a Beta Tester and get the password for the games.  Free and easy.

Equipment:  either order the complete set from Breakout EDU, or make your own by purchasing the parts.

Personal Learning Communities:


ICfL School Libraries on Facebook


John Green’s Ted Talk: The nerd’s guide to learning everything online.

DAY 2:

Programming within a Fixed Schedule with Tiffany Whitehead:

Search Engines vs. Databases with Gina Persichini:

Low Tech Making w/ Nick Madsen from Community Library Network:

DAY 3:

Strategic Priorities:

Legislative Update:

2015 Comprehensive Literacy Plan

Idaho ICT Standards

Elementary and Secondary Education Act, 2015 ESSA Revision

Lilead Fellowship: the goal of the Lilead Project is to study, support, and build community among school library supervisors – the individuals who coordinate library and information services in school distrits across the country.

The Art of Sales or How to Influence Stakeholders Powerpoint

Strawman document

Library Value Proposition document

Journey Mapping:  Haiku Deck and mapping document

Ideas for school visits from New Zealand

Other Resources:

School Libraries Work! from Scholastic:  Download this document for free – it is full of  data that shows the benefits of quality school library programs to students and to schools’ achievement measures.