Thank You!

Thank you to all the facilitators, presenters, and participants in Summer Summit 2017! We all got to meet awesome school librarians from all over our state, expand our professional networks, and learn a few new things. We hope to see you again, and even more can join us at Summer Summit 2018 in Boise!

For those that were unable to join the fun in person, or who would like to go back and review a few things, here are many of the resources and materials we used over the course of the 3-day event.

Future Ready:

The Future Ready Schools effort focuses on personalized, research-based digital learning strategies, and integrates Future Ready Librarians into the plan.   We touched on some of the basic ideas of Future Ready Libraries, and more is available at

Future Ready Librarians: 

Future Ready Librarians Framework

Resources and Materials:

Day 1:

Mark Ray, Director of Innovation & Library Services for Vancouver Public Services TED Talk

The Absolutely True Adventures of a School Librarian – Nikki D. Robertson’s website and blog.

Twitter Logo@NikkiDRobertson on Twitter, Instagram logo nikkidrobertson on Instagram

30 Goals Challenge

Library 2.0 Webinar Series

Renaissance Learning research

Krashen research on Self-Selection and Free Reading

Common Core Standards information on text complexity

Chalk Talk Protocol


Library Bill of Rights and Interpretation

Day 2:

Connect, Collaborate, Create: Taking Your Library (& School) to the Next Level with Nikki D. Robertson slidedeck.

Communicate with Infographics – a few free tools to create infographics:

Canva Piktochart Infogram Venngage Google Charts

Project Planning Worksheets

Draft of Idaho’s Consolidated Plan Summary

Digital Breakout EDU

Day 3:

Digital Portfolios:  professional or student