Idaho SnapShot Day

It’s time to start planning for YOUR Snapshot Day!

Snapshot Day is designed to be a designated day that libraries document the activities, events, usage, circulation, etc., in their library for one day — so we can capture the impact Idaho libraries have on their communities during a typical day.

This year, the Idaho Library Snapshot Day will be held during the week of June 17 – 23, 2019. (Apologies to school and academic libraries for the poor timing this year. We will hold a special Snapshot Day — just for you! — in the fall.)

So, pick your Snapshot Day and then have fun taking photos, gathering stories and stats, and share the great things that happen at your library.

If you do take the time to hold a Snapshot Day, please report the results.

You can do that by completing a short survey via Survey Monkey here:

Or, if you would rather print the survey to complete by hand (or to get an idea of what stats to track), you can find the survey here: Also on that page are other documents that you might find helpful, along with this year’s logo.

By showcasing all that Idaho libraries do, we can get the message out about the value libraries bring to their communities.