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One of the statewide strategies that came out of the 2020 Vision process held in 2005 was to, “Create a Special Projects Library Action Team (SPLAT) to act in the ‘crows nest’ capacity, searching for innovation, proposing and leading experiments and pilot projects, discovering new opportunities.”

SPLAT members have pledged to build their own expertise in innovative practices; share their expertise and experiences with their colleagues in the Idaho library community; use their expertise with library customers in their community on a regular basis; and work to make the 2020 Vision a reality in Idaho.

Members also agreed to serve a three-year term on the team (some team members will start to rotate off after two years), participate in quarterly meetings, post and respond to blogs at least two to four times a month, and read materials and keep up with future trends in order to act in the ‘crows nest’ capacity.

Discover the library location of the SPLAT Members by clicking here.