Hello TBS patrons;

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic is causing many changes in daily life. This is the current status of your Talking Book program and steps staff are taking to continue to provide reading materials and keep you safe.

Service availability:

The service is currently operational. Staff is available to discuss your reading needs and get those materials to you as soon as possible. We discourage walk-ins to decrease the possibility of spreading the virus.

  1. The BARD database is available for downloading books.  If using it, you may want to download some additional titles in case it is not available at a later time.
  2. If you have high speed internet and a computer, consider registering to use BARD. It is free and provides 24/7 access to hundreds of thousands of books and magazines in both audio and braille formats. Family and caregivers are welcome to download materials for registered TBS users. Staff can instruct you about various tools available to help you to download easily.
  3. You can request additional titles by calling 800-458-3271. Staff can increase the number of single books mailed to you or register you to receive several titles on one cartridge.

Safety measures: The following steps are being taken to ensure the materials we mail out do not contain the coronavirus:

  1. Staff are wearing gloves to reduce contaminating their hands and possibly catching the virus.
  2. All incoming materials are sprayed with a disinfectant and quarantined for 3 days before being mailed to another user.
  3. We discourage walk-ins to pick up materials. Mailing materials decreases contact with others which can spread the virus.

We understand this is a stressful time and hope reading will provide some diversion for you. Give us a call if we can help — stay healthy!

Idaho Talking Book Service staff