“Say Yes to TBS” is a promotion designed to increase awareness of TBS in library staff, community members, and policy makers.  Public libraries can register to participate in any of the following components of the promotion.

1. Library Promotion kits contains:

  • Talking Book Service Brochure: Available in both English and Spanish, this brochure outlines the service and allows the reader to request an information packet.
  • Application packets
  • Posters
  • Bookmarks
  • Buttons for staff
  • Demo digital player and cartridge of audio books

2.    Louis Braille celebration

  • Share information about services for those with disabilities with Six Dots, a children’s book about Louis Braille and the development of the Braille writing system. Receive both a print and print/Braille copy of this title.

3.    Library resources

  • Promote TBS to staff and community members with any of the following free resources and social media posts:
  • Use these maps to identify potential TBS users in your community.
Promote TBS through your library website with the following resources:

  • TBS Banner
    Download the image by clicking the banner below then link it to https://libraries.idaho.gov//learntbs or use the HTML code below to paste on your website.
    TBS Web Banner

    Say YES to TBS
  • Post any of these short videos to bring attention to TBS:
    2013 promotion 
    2015 promotion
    2019 promotion
  • Use any of these 3 articles in your library newsletter or blogs.

Social Media Campaign

Use your social media tools to promote TBS with posts, tweets, and memes developed especially for libraries.  Get started with the TBS Tip Sheet and use these posts to reach your community.

Facebook Post Preview

Twitter Post Preview

Meme Post Preview

Meme Post Preview