The Idaho AfterSchool Network (IAN) needs input from libraries that
offer any youth programs for grades K – 12

The Idaho AfterSchool Network (IAN) is a statewide program
with the mission to ensure all Idaho youth have access to high quality
out-of-school programs.  Out-of-school
programs can be those offered afterschool, summertime, or seasonally through-out
the year.  Programs may be offered at
libraries, schools, community centers and camps or even online.

The IAN works with program providers and community
stakeholders to 1) enrich and expand programming through partnerships and
resources, 2) build the awareness and collective voice about the benefits of out-of-school
programs and 3) collect the data to better understand the landscape of
out-of-school time programs available for youth.

It is on the latter that the IAN is asking for help from
libraries.  The Network is finishing the
last stretch of a statewide survey of out-of-school programs.  We want to ensure that the final report of
Idaho’s out-of-school landscape will reflect the services offered by our local
libraries.   Data is also entered into our online
interactive directory, which can help youth, families and partners discover the
youth services offered at Idaho’s libraries.

The IAN team will be reaching out to libraries all over the
state to ask if you offer youth programs or services to grades K-12 and if you
would please complete the survey.  We
understand that some libraries offer many different types of programs at their
site, or at multiple sites.  For the
purpose of the survey, you may choose to complete just one survey that captures
all your youth services, or you can choose to complete multiple surveys for
each program.  It is recommended though
to keep it simple. Surveys are 26 questions long and take about 15 – 20 minutes
to complete.

The IAN will collect surveys until July 2017.  Through a partnership with University of
Idaho, the data analysis and compiled statewide report will be released at the
annual Power Up Out-of-school Conference, September 13 – 14 at Boise State


A link to the survey can be found on our website home page, or linked here.
If you have any questions about the survey or other services offered by the IAN,
please contact the Director of the Idaho AfterSchool Network, Marie Hattaway
at  either (208) 336-5533 x 283 or  Thank you for all you do for our communities!