Idaho Teen Reading Challenge

8 Books. 7 Months. 1 State.

Over 350 Idaho teens and tweens at 60 different libraries completed the 2021-22 Idaho Teen Reading Challenge – nice work! Check out the map below for locations of the libraries that had a teen finish the challenge.

The Idaho Teen Reading Challenge is a chance for school and public libraries to challenge teens to read books outside of their comfort zone. Here’s how it works:

  1. During the months of October – April, teens are challenged to read 8 books in each of the following categories:
    • Graphic Novel
    • A Book Recommended by a Friend
    • #OwnVoices Book
    • Free Choice (pick any book they want)
    • A Book that Keeps You Up at Night
    • A Classic
    • A Memoir/Biography
    • A Re-Read
  2. Register your library to participate in the reading challenge. When you register, you will have the chance to request tracking forms and bookmarks to hand out to teens. Registration for this program is now closed. 
  3. We will mail you a set of tracking forms, bookmarks, and a special hole punch. As teens complete each category, you will punch a space on the bookmark. Do you need more materials? Requests are closed for the year.
  4. When a teen has completed the entire challenge, they need to fill out this form to let us know who they are, what library they use, and what books they read in each category. The form has closed for the year.
  5. In May, we will contact you with the list of teens from your library who completed the challenge and ask you to fill out a brief survey about your experience.

That’s it! Hopefully this will be a fun way to engage with teens and encourage them to discover books they love.

Materials Requests are Closed

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I need more tracking sheets and/or bookmarks – can you mail me some?
A: Yes – we have left over printed materials and will send them to any library that requests them until we run out. Just fill out this form to get more tracking sheets and bookmarks. The form is closed for the year.

Q: Do you have any extra emoji magnets? 
A: We have a limited number of emoji magnets left. You can tell us you would like more when you fill out the request form for additional materials. You can also email Jennifer directly if that is all you need:

Q: Will the ICfL provide an incentive for teens who complete the program? 
A: Yes – we will have a drawing for 3 $100 gift cards at the end of the challenge.

Q: Can my library provide additional incentives?
A: Yes! Feel free to use the framework of the challenge and modify this program in ways that work for your teens.

Q: What types of books qualify for the reading challenge?
A: ALL types of books qualify – audio books, eBooks, graphic novels, instructional manuals, etc.

Q: Who can participate in the challenge?
A: All Idaho teens, ages 12 – 19, can participate.

Q: What about sixth-graders who are 11 but will turn 12 this year?
A: They can definitely participate in the challenge too!

Q: Can my library use our own tracking system, like Beanstack, instead of the tracking sheets?
A: Yes! You can just send your stats to Jennifer in May to get counted.

Questions about the challenge? Contact Jennifer:

Jennifer Redford

Youth Services Consultant
Email / 208-639-4147
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