Teen Connection Kits

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teens have experienced unprecedented levels of social isolation. They have also missed out on the opportunity to build important life skills. Teen Connection Kits  are tools for libraries to help teens reestablish social connections and create learning experiences to help them build practical skills and resiliency. There are two different ways that your library can use the kits:

  • Circulate them. If you choose to circulate a kit to teens in your community, your library is responsible for adding it to your catalog and creating circulation procedures. You can add items to the kits and use different containers if the ones that we send don’t work for your library. The ICfL is unable to replace lost or damaged items.
  • Use them for library programs. The kits can be used during in-house library programs, or during outreach events. You may need to purchase supplemental materials for your programs. The ICfL is unable to replace lost or damaged items.

Your library may request one kit, and it is your library’s to keep. We will send you a survey in six months to gather feedback on how you used the kits and how many teens you served.

SOLD OUT – All of this year’s kits have been requested.

Here is a list of everything that is included in the kits, with links to where each item was purchased.

Teen Connection Kit Descriptions:

Dungeons & Dragons

Role-playing games encourage players to work together and create a community. Teens who have experienced social isolation or who are having trouble building a community of friends can participate in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign to help build social ties. This kit contains everything you need to get started – even if you have never played before. Check out the Dungeons & Dragons Table of Contents.


Music engages teens’ creativity and can be an outlet for reducing stress. Learning to play a musical instrument can be hard, but the ukulele is relatively easy to pick up. This kit includes an instruction manual and a ukulele with all the accessories that a teen needs to get started playing, including an auto tuner and chord chart. It does come with one extra string and two picks – these may need to be replaced at some point. Check out the Ukulele Kit Table of Contents.


With access to a smart phone, anyone can make their own movies. This Vlogger Kit will help teens capture moments in their lives, create short films, or just record their thoughts. Get the lighting and sound perfect with tools from the kit and share your story. Check out the Vlogger Table of Contents..

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