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STEAM stands for "Science Technology Engineering Arts, and Math." The acronym is used to refer to those areas of study which are encompassed by a wide range of sciences. The last decade has seen an increase in STEAM education and programming at all levels.

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STEAM Learning Resources

Below are a list of resources focused on children ages three to five years of age. If you are interested in resources targeting older students, please refer to the bottom of the page.

Online Gameboard for Parents and Kids

Stem GameboardParents can explore fun and educational sites with their child using the Fun with Math and Science Gameboard we created. Every click of the mouse takes them to a different science experiment, math game, puzzle, and more. We have gathered together some of the best kid sites on the web and made a fun game out of exploring them all.

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Resources for children ages six to ten years:

For STEAM resources appropriate for Tweens and Teens click HERE.