The Bookworm Newsletter Logo

The Bookworm Newsletter

My First Books early literacy newsletter that is sent to parents each month, containing literacy information and activities.

The Scoop Newsletter Logo

The Scoop Newsletter

A monthly e-mail newsletter containing fun, inspiring, and innovative ideas for public library staff who want to improve services to children and young adults.

Tech Logo

Tech Talk

Tech Talk is a weekly, technology-focused e-newsletter for professional development for non-techies.

Splat Curiosity Report

SPLAT Curiosity Report

A bi-week email newsletter from SPLAT that share insights, links, and observations for the Idaho library community.


A quarterly newsletter of the Idaho Commission for Libraries’ Talking Book Service (TBS).

Idaho Library Statistics

Idaho Library Statistics

Annual comprehensive compilations of services and programs statistics for school libraries/media centers and public libraries in Idaho.

Idaho Library Laws

Idaho Library Laws

This publication contains sections from Idaho code that pertain to libraries, including public records, open meetings, elections, and other relevant laws.

The Nexus Newsletter

Every two months the Nexus updates the library community with news about Idaho libraries, projects, programs, and upcoming changes.

The Envoy Trustees Newsletter

Idaho Trustees News

Quarterly news and informative articles for trustees of Idaho’s public libraries.

Idaho Trustee Manual

Idaho Trustee Manual

A Guide for Public Library Trustees

The librarian survival guide

Survival Guide for Idaho Librarians

This guide is designed to be a quick start for an individual who suddenly is in charge of a public or school library in Idaho.

idaho Library Districting Handbook

Idaho Library Districting Handbook

To help individuals and groups interested in creating or enlarging public library districts.

Transition Notebook

Transition Notebook

If your library director were to depart or become incapacitated with little or no warning, how would the new (or interim) director learn to run the library?

Lib Guides

LibGuides and Tutorials

Easy-to-use content management system deployed by librarians to curate knowledge and share information. Check it out.

CE Digest

CE Digest Newsletter

A weekly newsletter of upcoming continuing education opportunities.